Kids Code Camp 2022

You're never too young to start learning how to program! Come online for a half-day of coding instruction for kids of all ages (5+) and abilities. There are two classes per session in topics like Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Unity 3D, Electronics, and more! In each class, we'll teach them how to write a fun game on that platform.  
Kids Code camp will be held both online and in Person at 
Neumont College of Computer Science
143 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT

Parking Downtown

We suggest City Creek Mall or the Regent Street parking lot behind the Eccles theater.  There is NO street parking downtown on Saturdays.  You can also ride the train and walk down from City Creek.  We do NOT offer any parking validation or any reimbursement for parking.  



For online access,

  1. At the time of the meetings listed below on the schedule please click on the link that says "Virtual Room" 
  2. We use zoom to broadcast all the meetings.  You will be placed in the waiting room but then let in.  Please make sure to mute while in the zoom meeting.  
  3. You do not need to share your camera if you so choose.  
  4. If you have problems with this please reach out to I will be monitoring the rooms and watching my email during the sessions.  

All sessions are duplicated from the morning to the afternoon(except MonoGame and unity3d). You DO NOT have to attend both morning and afternoon sessions since they are the SAME classes. We will not be serving lunch and we ask that you leave for lunch while our staff has lunch and gets ready for the next sessions.


Time Room 323
(virtual room)
Room 207
(virtual room)
Room 322
(virtual room)
Room 325
(virtual room)
Room 378
No Virtual room
9:00am - 10:15am Scratch 1 Minecraft Education Edition Python JavaScript Code Your Art
10:30am - 11:45am Arduino Scratch 2 Scratch 3 MonoGame Computational Thinking Skills
1:00pm - 2:15pm Scratch 1 Minecraft Education Edition Python JavaScript Code Your Art
2:30pm - 4:45pm Arduino Scratch 2 Scratch 3 Unity 3D Computational Thinking Skills

Scratch 1 - Introduction to Scratch

Scratch 1 - Scratchy Goes on a Quest for the Golden Kitty

Scratch 1 - Scratchy Goes on a Quest for the Golden Kitty

Beginner Level - Ages 5+

Scratch is a great way to introduce children to programming. It has relatively few concepts that need to be mastered before they can begin exploring and creating by themselves. Most kids really love having this kind of platform to express their creativity.

In this lesson we're going to be teaching concepts of:

    1. Learning how computers take instructions literally
    2. Learn basic terms like sprite, backdrop, sensing, etc.
    3. Learn basic concepts of programming, namely:
      • Looping
      • Branching
      • Math
      • Algorithms

Each child should have their own computer. This will be all done online so no additional software is needed on the computer.


Scratch 2 - Moonlander

Scratch 2 - Moonlander Game

Scratch 2 - Moonlander Game

Easy Level - Scratch 1 Required -Ages 6+

Build the classic Moon Lander game using Scratch!

In this lesson we're going to be teaching concepts of:

  1. Keyboard Input
  2. Game Sequencing
  3. Graphics Effects
  4. Variable Display
  5. Frame rate as applied to physics (gravity & thrust)


Each child should have their own computer. This will be all done online so no additional software is needed on the computer.

Scratch 3 - Super Scratchy

Scratch 3 - Super Scratchy

Scratch 3 - Super Scratchy

Easy Level - Scratch 1 & 2 Required - Ages 8+

Building upon what you learned in Scratch 1 and 2, we're going to build a really cool `Super Scratchy` Game! We'll learn about PreFabs, Clones, Collision Detection, Random Number Generation, and more!

Each child should have their own computer. This will be all done online so no additional software is needed on the computer.

Unity 3D - Rocket Maze

Unity 3d - Rocket Maze

Unity 3d - Rocket Maze

Advanced Level - Unity Download Required - Ages 12+

Unity is one of the best game development engines out there. Though it can seem daunting at first, it's easy to master a few basic concepts that we go over in the lesson. We will be giving you everything you need to build your first original game. If you're brave enough you won't want to miss this.

Each child should have their own computer with unity installed and plenty of open memory space. To download unity go here and download unity hub. Once that is installed go to the installs tab and install the latest version of unity. The presenter will use 2019.2.1f1 but it doesn't really matter what version you use.

JavaScript - Tetris

JavaScript - Tetris

JavaScript - Tetris

Beginner Level - Ages 10+

Have you ever thought about how the web works and how to create the sites and tools we use every day? JavaScript is the language that powers the internet and can be used for many different kinds of applications. In this session, we will be creating a Tetris clone that works very similarly to the original. We will cover the basics of programming (including things like variables and functions) as well as some of the more advanced pieces of a web page.

Come learn how to create a game with one of the most used languages in the world.

Python - Slither!

Python Slither! Game

Python Slither! Game

Beginner Level - Age 10+

Slither! is a simplified version of the classic video game by various names, such as Nibbles and Snake. Guide your hungry snake through the mazes to find the food without bumping into walls or biting yourself. He grows with every meal, so watch out!

MonoGame - Gorillas

Gorillas Screen Shot

MonoGame - Gorillas Game

Advanced Level - Ages 14+

Gorillas is a video game written in QBasic many years ago. The filename was "gorilla.bas". We will remake the game using C# and MonoGame. Two gorillas atop a city skyline take turns throwing bananas at each other! Adjust the angle and velocity of your throw to control the trajectory of your banana.

This class will teach MonoGame, sprites, text, transparency, animation, sound, random number generation, keyboard control.

Electronics - Arduino

Electronics - Arduino

Electronics - Arduino

Intermediate Level - Age 10+

Arduinos are really tiny, very inexpensive computers. In this session we'll show you how to integrate with electronic circuits, program a few basic examples, and finish with the classic Simon game. 

Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition

Beginner Level - Ages 6+

For this section of Kids Code Camp, we will be learning about coding principles using the popular game Minecraft. Students may already be familiar with this system, as it is a tool used by many educators to teach coding principles. We will start from the beginning, though, so no one will be left out.

We will start by getting to know how to use the Agent in Minecraft to automate work for us, and we will move on to more complicated examples like building structures. We will also use some classic programming challenges to build things like pyramids in Minecraft.

This should be an exciting program for students as it will allow them to create and build in a world in which they are likely already used to playing. So, come join the fun!


  1. Minecraft Education Edition, which can be downloaded here: 
  2. You need to have a valid school email to do this lesson



Code Your Art

A one-hour class for up to 30 kids.
Kids will need to bring their own laptops.

For this class, they will learn how to control the movements of a robot and then they will program it to create an artwork. 

Computational Thinking Quilts

A one-hour class for up to 50 kids, (can be repeated throughout the day).
This is a make-and-take (The kids make something and get to take it home with them).

For this class, the kids will learn about "Computational Thinking" which is one of the underlying concepts that programming is based on.
The tools and materials will be provided by 4-H and so there will be no cost to participate in this class.

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Volunteer and Help Bring More to the Community

The Kids Code Camp 2022 Call for Volunteers is now open!  We are looking for every level of availability and willingness to help pull off this annual event again this year.  If you or someone you know is technically inclined and can help out with the kids, we could use your help.  We need to fill in-person positions in registration, classroom helpers and instructors as well as online classroom helpers during Zoom calls.  Instructors will be teaching both in-person and online via Zoom so we need helpers to take up the slack!  We also need a volunteer to put together a JavaScript game and class lesson.  They can make their own game or take over a lesson from a previous year.

You can sign-up to volunteer here (

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