Frequently asked Questions for Big Mountain Data and Dev Conference

We will keep adding to this page as more things come up.


  • All registration will take place at the main location 111 s main street Eccles Theater Lower Level. We will have signs pointing to Registration. It will be just below the sponsor area.
  • Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. Friday.
  • Make sure you have a Photo ID with you to check in. Everyone will be required to show a photo ID at registration.
  • If you check in on Friday you do not need to check in again on Saturday as long as you still have your badge

Where is it and where do I park?

  • This Map shows the buildings and suggested parking areas: Map Link
  • We do not have parking vouchers/discounts/passes available. You are responsible for any paid parking. Trax is a great alternative if you can ride from a further south station trax tickets are usally 2-5$ The trax stop to get off on is City Creek.
  • We have three locations.
  • 111 S main street Salt Lake City Commonly known as the Eccles Theater, We use the Theater and the 14th floor of the building.
  • 143 Main St, Salt Lake City Neumont College of Computer Science(Saturday only) This location will be housing the child care.
  • 222 S Main St, Salt Lake City Goldman Sachs 14th floor
  • We place large blue flags in front of each of the buildings entrances. We will also have volunteers waiting for you in each building helping you to guide you to the sessions.


  • Goldman Sachs is providing coffee throughout both days near the session rooms and will have light snacks available in the morning


  • Please review the schedule the day before as it is subject to change
  • Keynotes will kick off each day and close each day in the Eccles Theater
  • Lunch will be held on Friday in the session area of 111 and 222 buildings. Lunch on Saturday will be held on the Second floor of the Eccles Theater
  • We are starting later on Saturday(10:00 a.m.). We found it better to let you all sleep in a little longer on Saturday mornings.

Why does the Schedule keep changing?

We have a lot of changes for our events and I get this question a LOT. Every talk that's been submitted was a volunteer adding a session to the event. We do reach out to some speakers in the community but the vast majority simply submit on the website. Life happens to our volunteers. Sometimes it's a scheduling conflict, sometimes its a work issue that comes up , sometimes it's a family matter or a personal issue that comes up. Many things can impact our speakers ability to present at the event and when that happens we usually have to cancel the session. We do not have backups when it comes to presenters and sessions. We would LOVE to have 120+ Speakers submit and have lots of extra sessions just waiting to fill the schedule but that is usually not the case. We absolutely call out to other speakers and continue to fill in the schedule with other sessions. We will do our best in the future to minimize these changes.

On Site child Care on Saturday

  • Thanks to our awesome sponsors we have on site child care at Neumont College of Computer Science on Saturday.
  • Please sign up at this site if you intend to use the service.


Almost all giveaways are must be present to win. Unless the sponsor tells us otherwise you will have to be in attendance. We give things at the end of the last keynote. (Saturday 4:30 p.m.)

  • We pull all the names from registration and put them in a list
  • We go to and put an entry from 1 to however many people attended the event(517 people attended it would be 1 to 517)
  • We repeat this 4-5 times for EACH drawing. We do this because you must be present to win and many times we draw names of people not still at the event
  • Everyone is eligible to win EXCEPT members of the Utah Geek Events Board. We are a 501c(3) and the board members are not eligible.
  • Speakers are allowed to submit and we suggest they do. They are volunteers at our event and spent much time and energy getting sessions ready they deserve the chance as much as others

Sponsors and Scanning

Utah Geek Events has never given your information to a sponsor without your consent. The highest level of our sponsorship DOES NOT give the sponsors the registration list. We do ask at times for you to Opt-in you will receive that as a survey or a check box on your profile. So how does the sponsor get your information?

  • 1. Visit a sponsor booth and they will scan your badge. This calls a service we own that pushes a unique id into a Database. The "scan" is linked to a sponsor. So each sponsor has a specific list of people they have scanned.
  • 2. After the event we take that unique ID and we send your name and email address to the sponsor since you were scanned. We put this information together and send that to them. Your badge does not contain any personal info
  • 3. If the sponsor is doing a giveaway and they tell us to draw from the scans we will take the list of scans from the DB for that sponsor only and do the same process as above but only for those scanned attendees.
  • 4. These events are not possible without sponsors. We urge you to visit the sponsors and listen to what they have to offer. If you do not like the message don't get scanned or ask to be removed from there list after the event
  • 5. We do offer some of our sponsors a Sponsored email. This is an email that will be sent from Utah Geek Events with the subject [sponsored email]. The sponsor will provide the message but we will send the email. Once again the sponsor will not receive your information

Session Feedback

Session Feedback is critical to make our presenters better. If you want better higher quality sessions in the future then you need to leave candid, concise and clear feedback. I've listed some important ways to do that below.

  • Please be detailed in your feedback and tell the speakers what they can do to improve.
  • Good examples
  • "Speaker needs to talk louder"
  • "Speaker needs to engage audience"
  • "Speaker should be better prepared and have tested demo to make sure it worked properly"
  • Bad Examples
  • "Speaker sucks" (Tell what they did wrong)
  • "Boring session" (Tell why it was boring?)
  • "Worst session of the day (Tell why? what went wrong)"
  • If you leave a low score please tell the speaker why. It's hard to improve when you just have a number to go off and no context

The Hallway track

One thing people overlook at conferences is The Hallway Track. This is one of the most important tracks! While the sessions are amazing the chance to chat with a group of like minded people that may or may not have done what you are currently working on is so much more valuable. Yes the session can teach you the next big technical thing but a chatting with someone at the event might give you that big break in a problem you have been looking to solve. Or give you real world experience in a technology that you are currently interested in. How many times have you thought why can't I just get the person that has all the experience to come chat with us for a few minutes. This is the very idea behind the Hallway Track. Take an opportunity to sit down and chat with others. If that means you miss a session than so be it. You never know when these discussions will yield your next job, career or big idea.

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