Frequently asked Questions for Big Mountain Data and Dev Conference


Setup / Getting started 

Q: How do I get an invite to the video streaming?  

A: We are using a platform called LoudSwarm.  You must register on Eventbrite (This link) once you have done that you will receive an email a few days before to setup an account and access the video feeds. The site will also have the schedule and all the information needed. 

Q: How do I ask questions and network with other attendees? 

A: We will have some sessions dedicated to networking but the primary discussion platform is Slack.  You will need to sign up at Utah Geek Events slack by following this link.  We strongly urge you to do this before the conference.  

Q: Once in slack where do I go?  What channels are available?  

A: All channels related to the event start with BMDD_,  For each “Room” you are in there will be a BMDD_RoomX channel.  There will be a BMDD_Hallway for general chat about anything. Other channels will be BMDD_Support(for questions related to logging in or if you are having problems). Each sponsor will have it’s own Channel as well so that you can visit a booth and giveaways.  

Q: Should I use my real name in slack? Or perhaps a fun handle? 

A: Networking 101: If you intend to work for some of the companies in this community in the future they will want to know your name and who you are.  Hackallthethings might be a call name and reflect what you like to do but it will be a little hard for a future employer to find your linkedin profile through it.  We have guidelines already around Slack and they are designed to help you get the most out of your community.  

Q: What information about me will be shared with the sponsors? 

A: When you registered for the event It asked you to Opt-in for sharing information for the sponsors.  If you checked this box then your name and email will be sent to our Premier and Partner sponsors. This is the ONLY information and the only way that Utah Geek Events will share your information.  Visiting a Sponsor Slack channel does NOT sign you up for anything either.  They cannot see email/registration from slack profile. We encourage you to stop into our sponsors and visit with them. They are great partners in this community and they make it so we can keep these events free. 

Q: What is the conference time zone? 

A: All Sessions and Schedule are in Mountain Daylight Time 

Q: Where is the hallway session? (The best session of the conference). 

A: We have two options: An open Zoom room that we will share the link with and will have a moderator so that people can be in breakout rooms if they want to have a chat with others from the hallway.  We also have a BMDD_hallway slack channel that will be general chatter for all things related to the event.  

Q: Why did I join the hallway and enter a waiting room?  

A: We use waiting rooms on all our Zoom calls. We are a community event and welcome everyone. This also means we have to share our links publicly.  Lately doing that in Zoom means that zoom bombing happens and people join for the wrong reasons. We are doing our best to filter these bot’s out through waiting rooms.  Moderators will be on hand to let everyone into the hallway in a safe manner.  


Q: Will we still have giveaways?  

A: Yes we have several giveaways planned.  Join our Social sessions to really get a chance to win things and have fun with other attendees!  



Q: What are the social sessions? 

A: These are sessions where you can do something fun and meet and network with others from the event.  In the interesting year that is 2020 you never really know what will happen and having a good network is a great way to be able to weather any storm!  

Q: Why is there time in the morning?  We don’t have to wait at registration desk so why come early?  

A: Come and join us at 8:30 each morning to get comfortable with the event and where everything is, it’s also a great opportunity to chat with others and network with other members of the community.  Come and check out my weird hat’s that I will be showcasing at the early events! 

Session Feedback

Q: How do I leave feedback for the speakers? 

A: Yes we will still have session feedback.  In Loudswarm there will be a link to a google form to provide feedback  Please follow the guidelines provided below. 

Session Feedback is critical to make our presenters better. If you want better higher quality sessions in the future then you need to leave candid, concise and clear feedback. I've listed some important ways to do that below.

  • Please be detailed in your feedback and tell the speakers what they can do to improve.
  • Good examples
  • "Speaker needs to talk louder"
  • "Speaker needs to engage audience"
  • "Speaker should be better prepared and have tested demo to make sure it worked properly"
  • Bad Examples
  • "Speaker sucks" (Tell what they did wrong)
  • "Boring session" (Tell why it was boring?)
  • "Worst session of the day (Tell why? what went wrong)"
  • If you leave a low score please tell the speaker why. It's hard to improve when you just have a number to go off and no context

The Hallway track

Q: But there is no hallway?  

A: Yes!  We do have one,  We have channel #bmdd_hallway in slack and we will have an open zoom room with a moderator that you can jump into and chat with others.  If there are too many in the hallway room we will form breakout rooms in the hallway to manage it.  Please use this very valuable resource since networking is still a huge part of the conference.  Also keep in mind that if you chat with someone that can help you with a problem or issue you will still be able to chat with them in slack.  This way you don’t have to remember who you chatted with at the event since you will have a history of it.  How many times have you thought why can't I just get the person that has all the experience to come chat with us for a few minutes. This is the very idea behind the Hallway Track. Take an opportunity to chat with others. If that means you miss a session than so be it. You never know when these discussions will yield your next job, career or big idea.


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