Smart Cities and Connected Communities Competition.

      The purpose of this competition is to focus on smart cities and connected communities with the goal of gaining experience and improving how we live.  We are seeking for lasting impact, including code that helps the public and have prepared to help the teams/competitors to create companies or careers out of the projects so that they can continue to improve the community around us.  


The primary Goals of this competition are outlined below.  

Gain experience and level up Data science in Utah

Build companies, communities and careers

Improve how we live.

Key Links/Information 

Register for the competition 

Join the Slack Group Once registered you will be added to the SmartCity Channel

All events will be run through the Big Data Utah Meetup group. You can find them by clicking this link. 





We will be hosting various networking, presentations, hackathons and other events to help teams work on the projects they have planned.  Some of the examples of those are listed below.  They will be announced directly to the teams through Slack.  

Experience Events

  • User group meetings for training on Data collection,  Data cleansing, ML, Visualization and Selling.

Building Companies Events

  • Hackathon/Networking, Panels, Discussions with others.
  • Improve how we live events



  1. Each team is 3-6 members.
  2. Each team must register through (registration form).
  3. Each team must have a Jr/student on the team.  (This is defined as anyone that has less than 2 years data science experience and or is a student in college/high school).
  4. Event communication/posts/discussions will be handled through a slack channel in the UGE slack space.  At least 1 member from each team will need to be part of the channel to get updates/announcements.
  5. The competition will work in steps.  Points will be granted after each step and then a final total will be granted at  the end. Each step will have specific tasks needed to be completed. The team can move at it’s own pace but the competition will have events for each step
    1. Step 1 --Brainstorming/forming the ideas and the team.  
    2. Step 2 --Ideation.  Idea is solidified and work begins on Idea.
    3. Step 3 --Build/Break/build again.
    4. Step 4 --Selling/pitching selling your idea/product/concept
  6. The end result does not have to be working code.  It can be a change procedure, it can be a law to change access it can be a new company that is being formed to run with the idea and move forward.  
  7. All Ideas must be open sourced.  Whatever your final idea is you must open source it.  Application will be open sourced unless you create a company around the idea and move forward with that company.  If you make an app just for the competition it must be open sourced.

Grading/Points (Still being finalized)

The board will determine points for each item in each step that gets completed.  Some examples: Registering for competition, Attended training/user group events, attending panel discussions,  giving back to the community through open source commits, data sets, resources, blog posts. Data discoveries X amount of money is spent on connected homes in the area.


Utah Ignite Grant/Potential award.  


$25K potential award here are the details/requirements.  

This page covers qualifications/requirements.  Questions about ideas topics need to speak with Peter Jay(

Deadline will be Mid August(we will get a firm date soon).  

Example Spreadsheet is listed at this link.

Track other related expenses for running the event, besides food, (e.g. electronics platforms, direct costs needed to make the events happen).

Track all hours so that you know what can be invoiced.  (compensated at 75$/hr)

Winners will be chosen.  Early August.


Targeting Smart City applications and especially those that take advantage of gigabit networking, latency, real time impact. NSF grant is for gigabit smart city eco-system. Here is the link to Gigabit Application Requirements

  •        Runner up teams can receive award funding at the discretion of US Ignite.
  •        First prize is “up to” $25,000.  Utah Ignite will recognize the winning application with award funds of up to $25,000. Runners up may receive award funding as well at the discretion of US Ignite.
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