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Orem, Utah. --- Multiple organizations concerned with active transportation, including Bike Utah, Cache County, MAG, UDOT, Utah Ignite, Utah Valley University and WFRC, have come together to create a design competition to facilitate the creation of a low cost active transportation counter. 


The existing active transportation counter market has not been able to provide a price point that allows for widespread implementation. Comprehensive active transportation count data is necessary to make the case for, and best support biking and walking infrastructure. Many transportation budget decisions are made based on the measured demand. In many cases pedestrians and cyclists are underrepresented due to a lack of viable ways to measure their activity.  Keeping the price down is key to installing the counters at scale.


Existing counters can cost as much as $15,000. The goal of the competition will be to create a counter that retails at less than $1,000. Priority features include ease of installation, minimal maintenance requirements, remote count and diagnostic data updates. 

The competition will begin January 18 and will continue until March 18. It will be advertised to engineering firms, tech startups, and university engineering programs. The winner of the competition will receive $10,000 and access to UVU’s Smart City and Fabrication Lab’s prototyping equipment.


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