If you are interested in speaking at the Spring 2017 Code Camp

The call for speakers is currently open. This means we are accepting speaker session submissions until April 1st. We will meet that afternoon to make final selections on sessions to include for the event.

If you are already prepared with a presentation you would like to present, you may go to the session’s page and click the "Add a Session" link. This will allow you to enter your presentation information and your presentation will then show on the website as pending. When the selection committee decides to include a session we will contact you to formalize the commitment. Once we receive confirmation your session status will be changed to confirm and your biography will appear in the speaker’s page.

If you do not already have a topic chosen you may browse the list of suggested topics in the sessions page and click the "I Can Present This!" link to add your name to the list of those who have volunteered to present on this topic. Because these topics are also voted on, this is a good strategy if you find you have experience with that topic and want to be sure there is interest. Once you are chosen for a topic you will be contacted to confirm the speaking commitment and once confirmation is received the topic will be transformed into a confirmed session and you will be able to edit the session details such as the session name, abstract, and session level.

In the past we have tried to maximize the opportunity for speakers in addition to selecting the topics with the most community votes. This year we will do things a little differently. We are going to take into account the speaker`s experience in addition to the popular vote when selecting the sessions. If you are new to speaking we still want to encourage you to participate but there will be some manditory requirements before you can be accepted as a speaker. Those requirements include attending the speaker training and presenting your topic at a local users group (or something similar). You may also be asked to take a shorter session length.

Helpful Hints

  • Be sure to update your profile by clicking on your name in the menu bar. This profile is what is used when people view your profile or see your biography information on the speakers page. Be sure to also include your shirt size as we provide a Code Camp shirt to each speaker. Please do the best you can to make sure all of the information in your profile is updated.
  • If you need to receive confirmation on your session before February 17th, 2014 please contact us and we`ll see if we can accommodate you. Again, the deadline is the last date we will be accepting speaking confirmations but we hope to have sessions confirmed ASAP.
  • If you need to rescind your speaking offer, please contact us and we'll be happy to accommodate. Please try to let us know before February 17th if possible.
  • If you have volunteered for multiple sessions, you may wish to let us know how many to limit you to and what which ones you prefer to do. While we like to have as many different speakers present as possible we do occasionally choose to have a speaker do multiple sessions.
  • If the topic you wanted to present is already listed as a session on the website then you may add an additional session. The Code Camp Speaker Selection Committee will decide which session to include.

If you have any question, please contact us at the email below