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Friday, November 10, 2017

  Eccles Theater 111 S Main Room F 111 S Main Room G 111 S Main Room H 111 S Main Room I 222 S Main Room 300 222 S Main Room 302 222 S Main Room 304 222 S Main Room 306
Registration 8:30 am
- 9:00 am
Session 1 Keynote 9:15 am
- 10:15 am
Keynote-Power of Big Data in the Cloud: Industry Trends on AI in Modern Data Platforms
-- Ashish Thusoo
Session 2 Keynote 10:30 am
- 11:30 am
Keynote- A Glimpse into Engineering within Financial Services
-- Keynote
Lunch 11:30 am
- 1:00 pm
Session 3 1:00 pm
- 2:00 pm
Perfecting Dependency Injection
-- Matt Baker
Adaptive Query Processing in SQL Server 2017
-- Chad Crawford
• The E-Business Suite R12.2.7 Upgrade for Managers, DBAs and Developers
-- Michael Swing
Improving Code Quality through Code Review
-- Dave Adsit
C# 7 and 7.1 Features
-- Jonathan Turner
Fooling The Algorithms
-- Ilya Reznik
Introduction to NoSQL
-- John Kerley-Weeks
PostgreSQL @Goldman Sachs
-- stefan hurst
Advanced SQL Techniques for Analytics in Oracle
-- Michelle Kolbe
Session 4 2:15 pm
- 3:15 pm
Building Serverless Data Infrastructures in the AWS Cloud
-- Ryan Plant
Reactive Domain Driven Design with Elixir
-- Rob Martin
Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals
-- Michael Graboski
Implementing CNN for Text Classification in Tensorflow
-- Robert Davis
Liquibase - Open Source version control for your database
-- Blaine Carter
Introduction to Microservice Architecture
-- Nathan Zaugg
Unfortunately, MyApplication Has Stopped
-- Noralynn Valletta
Hierarchical modeling in R
-- Sean Raleigh
Making the Web for Everyone with Accessibility Testing
-- Maureen Botoman
Session 5 3:30 pm
- 4:30 pm
Understanding Principal Component Analysis Using Stack Overflow Data
-- Julia Silge
Acceptance Test Driven Development
-- Amy Dredge
Crawl, Walk, and Run to Continuous Delivery
-- David Batten
Introduction to RxJS
-- Eric Andres
Stateful to Stateless: Modernizing with JSON and PL/SQL
-- Bill Coulam
Don`t Get Pwned: sanity and security in a world of malware, bad actors, and other certainties
-- Asher Murphy
What Neurodiversity Is Teaching Me About Leadership
-- Steve Andrews
Oracle TimesTen Velocity Scale - the world's fastest OLTP DB
-- Douglas Hood
Cloud Security in AWS
-- Wes Novack

Saturday, November 11, 2017

  Eccles Theater 111 S Main Room F 111 S Main Room G 111 S Main Room H 111 S Main Room I 222 S Main Room 300 222 S Main Room 302 222 S Main Room 304 222 S Main Room 306 Neumont Lower Level 007 Neumont Lower Level 010 Neumont Lower Level 014 Neumont 2nd level 207 Neumont 2nd level 206 Neumont 3rd Level 323 Neumont 3rd Level 325 Neumont 3rd Level 328 Neumont 3rd Level 322
Registration 8:30 am
- 9:00 am
Session 1 9:00 am
- 10:00 am
Enterprise DataLake: One-Stop BigData Solution
-- Lavanya Camsaripalli
Introduction to .NET Standard
-- Neil Sorensen
TDD - It's About More Than Just the Tests
-- Jonathan Turner
Using VS Code Like a Boss!
-- Jeremy Foster
The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in Visualization and Analysis
-- Barton Poulson
Phishing, Ransomware and Email Security, Protecting against Email Threats
-- Matt Hyer
Open Sourcing Your Enterprise
-- Nikhil Nanivadekar
DataOps: Develop & Deliver Analytics Sevices
-- James Mannelly
Serverless Machine Learning
-- Jowanza Joseph
Physical Analogues of Common Deep Learning Woes
-- Tim Anderton
Getting Started With Kdb+
-- Devin Lineberry
Fast, Flexible Database Tables Using Columnar (Key-Value) Stores
-- Andy Lawrence
Data Analytics in VR
-- Elena Rowell
Leveraging Java/Android for IoT with Android Things platform
-- Cassidy Swallow
Starting with R from Scratch
-- Mark Nielsen
Professional Software Craftsmanship
-- Dave Adsit
Building Multi-Platform Apps with JavaScript and React Native
-- Bryan Scott
PowerShell Tips and Tricks for the DBA
-- Ben Miller
Session 2 10:15 am
- 11:15 am
Introduction to Apache Kafka
-- Vishal Karmalkar
PowerBI from a DBA
-- tjay belt
Anatomy of Corporate Security
-- Bryce Turner
Scala Musings
-- Sergey Yakovlev
Performance Tuning Techniques for Databases
-- Dhimant Shelat
Big Data Starts Small
-- Brandon Freitag
Nightwatch: a Node.js E2E Test Automation Framework
-- Andres Arias
SQL Server restores in half the time
-- Chad Crawford
Distributed configuration with Spring Cloud Config
-- Mick Knutson
Getting Started with Apache Spark
-- Jeff Lewis
The Art of Speaking Data
-- Dave Wellman
Unifying Logs Using Elasticsearch and Kafka
-- Josh Cummings
Modernize that old application
-- Craig Berntson
Productivity Features in Visual Studio 2017
-- Scott Golightly
A Developers Mindset - OR, How to be a Better Programmer
-- Mark Sharrock
Introduction to 2D in Unity
-- Danny North
Intro to F# with a Twist of Xamarin
-- Danny Warren
How to Survive the Titanic with Machine Learning
-- Annie Bubinski
Session 3 11:30 am
- 12:30 pm
The Path to Data Driven Decision Making
-- Jake Bingham
.NET and MongoDB
-- Dahln Farnes
Data Analysis and ML Model Building - Tips and Tricks for Rapid Iteration
-- Walter Reade
Turning Kinesis more Kafka-like
-- Blaine Nielsen
The Future of Lead Tracking and Analytics
-- Alton Alexander
Alternative to SQL Server Replication using Kafka
-- Brandon Hawkes
Microservices in Go
-- Robert Lee
Serverless Data Warehousing with Google Bigquery
-- Julie Price
Running Your Datawarehouse on Vertica
-- Janica Rosenberg
SQL Server Best Practices
-- Ben Miller
Predictive Data Model Selection
-- John Kerley-Weeks
Multi-Tenant Reporting using MicroStrategy
-- Scott Heffron
Lean DevOps
-- Craig Berntson
IoT to the Database: Soldering, ORDS, Oracle Jet, Python and a little PL/SQL
-- Blaine Carter
NLP in Python Sklearn
-- Robert Davis
Beyond Bl.ocks
-- Patty Jiang
All Your Data Are Belong To Us: Privacy on the Internet
-- Scott Golightly
Intro to CosmosDB
-- Daniel Egan
Lunch 12:30 pm
- 1:30 pm
Session 4 1:30 pm
- 2:30 pm
An Architecture for Autonomy
-- Dave Adsit
Docker, the whole Docker, and nothing but the Docker
-- Dennis Payne
How to Make a Project Java 9 Compatible
-- Nikhil Nanivadekar
2.5 Years of Mob Programming
-- Allan Stewart
Coding in the Cloud with Codenvy
-- Josh Cummings
Design for Operations (Application DevOPS)
-- Dhimant Shelat
Practical RDBMS Database Modeling
-- Chad Crawford
Creating Great Windows Universal User Experiences
-- Danny Warren
A Complete IoT Workshop
-- Jeremy Foster
2018 Tech Hiring and Compensation Trends
-- Abraham Alonso
Front End Engineering Bootcamp
-- Jake Trent
Empowering your data sharing architecture for continuous availability
-- Susan Wong
What Motivates You Can Make You Happy
-- Robert Lee
Getting Started with Data
-- Matt Horton
Body Language of Influence
-- Jeffrey Baird
Introduction to Microservice Architecture
-- Nathan Zaugg
Clear and Present Dangers to Software
-- Seth Law

Keynote 2:45 pm
- 3:45 pm
Keynote - What We Learned Building Analytics for Google
-- Stewart Bryson
Keynote 4:00 pm
- 5:00 pm
Keynote -- An Exploration of Advanced Analytics "If I knew then what I know now what would I have done differently?
-- Keynote Panel
GiveAways 5:00 pm
- 5:15 pm

GiveAways in Main Eccles Theater Must be Present to win!