Name Description Size
Code Camp Sponsor Plan 2015 Utah Code Camp 2015 Sponsor plan 168.60 KiB
SponsorSlideCodeCamp2015 Sponsor slide for Code Camp 2015 241.78 KiB
Yo Mama's Got JavaScript Design Patterns - Slides A link to the JS Design Patterns slides 629 Bytes
Getting Back In the Saddle of the Wild Web Complete slide deck 2.85 MiB
Getting Started With Raspberry Pi by Phil Gilmore Slides and Python source files. 2.15 MiB
Saving Lunch with the Arduino Yun by Tom Day Slides and demo source code. 3.39 MiB
Web Mashups with NodeJS Link to slides on 239 Bytes
Python For Kids by Phil Gilmore Source files and slides for the 2015 presentation, Python for Kids by Phil Gilmore 3.54 MiB
Kids Code Conference Flyer Kids Code Conference 2015 Event Flyer 393.64 KiB
Kids Code Conference Schedule 2015 Kids Code Conference Schedule for 2015 in PDF form 98.41 KiB
Scratch Scratch demo programs 9.13 MiB
Kids Code Conference All Code All source code and presentation files for the Kids Code Conference 14.53 MiB
MIKE 2015 International Conference 376.25 KiB
Code Camp and Big Mountain Data Sponsor Plan 2016 Utah Code Camp and Big Mountain Data Sponsor Plan for 2016 169.76 KiB
Sponsor Slide 2016 Sponsor slide for the 2016 Code camp and big mountain data 167.76 KiB
What is Lean? Slide deck 1.94 MiB
Crawl Walk and Run to Continuous Delivery 2016 Slide deck 763.14 KiB
Modern C++ Slide deck 921.71 KiB
Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Visual Studio 2015 and C++ Slide deck 1.31 MiB
Using TypeScript Decorators with Angular Slides and code for all demos 3.26 MiB
Amazon Echo and IoT Slides and link to source 3.05 MiB
ASP.NET Core 1.0 Slides for the ASP.NET Core 1.0 Spring 2016 76.40 KiB
DI Why? Getting a Grip on Dependency Injection Links to Slides, Code, Articles, and More 66 Bytes
Learn To Love Lambdas (and LINQ, Too!) Links to Slides, Code, Articles, Videos, and More 67 Bytes
A Primer for Your Next Data Science Proof of Concept on the Cloud 2016 slide deck 1.13 MiB
Data Analysis in R for Beginners 2016 slide deck 561.70 KiB
Advanced Neo4j 491.68 KiB
Kafka Streaming 3.47 MiB
Machine Learning Overview 96 Bytes
How to Fail (at Programming and Life) by James Jensen 804.98 KiB
In Pursuit of Continuous Delivery at Pluralsight 3.77 MiB
git merge vs rebase Learn about the differences between these two ways to use the popular source/version control software git. 1.18 MiB
Intro to Unity3D by Josh Jones - mostly a list of items to web search on and learn to understand. 1.08 MiB
Kids Code Con Flyer Kids Code Convention Flyer 2016 4.16 MiB
Kids Code Con Flyer Flyer for Kids Code Convention 4.16 MiB
2016-11 Why storytelling matters and how to communicate actionable insights Contact for more details. 2.18 MiB
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