Name Description Size
Big Mountain Dev & Data Event Flyer Big Mountain Dev & Data Event Flyer Fall 2017 1.81 MiB
Map - 111 Main Street Map of the 111 Main Street Event Location 278.03 KiB
Map - 222 Main Street Map of the 222 Main Street Location 212.17 KiB
Map - Neumont University Map of the Neumont University on Main Street Location 1.03 MiB
Speaker Slide 464.36 KiB
Clear and Present Danger to Software AKA Software Security @ 14.45 MiB
BMDDC 2017 Docker Presentation BMDDC 2017 Docker Presentation and Scripts 16.75 MiB
Spring Cloud Config Clides 1.33 MiB
Perfecting Dependency Injection Slides for Perfecting Dependency Injection 3.35 MiB
Getting into Frontend Dev Today Slides for "Getting into Frontend Dev Today" talk 1.01 MiB
NLP in Sklearn Python 2.04 MiB
Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for Text Classification 2.83 MiB
Introduction to NoSQL 4.41 MiB
Predictive Model Selection R Caret, ROC, RF, SVM, GBT 5.57 MiB
.NET and MongoDB A comparison of MongoDB and SQL Code First 295.70 KiB
Data Analysis and ML Model Building Tips and Tricks for Rapid Iteration 12.35 MiB
Kinesis More Kafka-like Slides for Open Source Project extending Kinesis Functionality 3.57 MiB
Hierarchical modeling in R Html slides from the presentation "Hierarchical modeling in R" 1.64 MiB
Customer Aquisition Analytics How Front Analytics Inc helps solve marketing attribution using call tracking. 1.91 MiB
Android and TensorFlow Leveraging Java/Android to enter the IoT world 1.02 MiB
C# 7 and 7.1 Features 48 Bytes
TDD - It's About More Than Just the Tests 21 Bytes
Starting with R from Scratch Demo code is at 1.87 MiB
PowerBI from a DBA slides and etc from 'PowerBI from a DBA' session 24.17 MiB
Anatomy of Corporate Security Presentation giving an overview of security policy 379.14 KiB
Intrinsic Motivation in Software Engineering Presentation on intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation in software engineering 637.52 KiB
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